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"She makes you think on a different level. It's out of the box. At first, you are shocked, but you come to like it...and it's definitely worth discussion." -Arketa Williams, author of A Sinner's Circle

"A lyrical narrative...she writes powerful lines about family, love, and spiritual awakening..."-Jason Carney, Champion Slam Poet and founder/former Artistic Director of Young DFW Writers

Born and raised in the rice fields of Crowley, Louisiana, J. W. Bella has been writing since she was 13 years of age to manage her emotions and sanity.  Now, she helps students develop their writing style and critical thinking as a high school English teacher in Irving, Texas. 

Today, J.W. Bella writes to satisfy her creativity's addiction to words that impact society. Her first poetry book, The Slip Under My Church Dress, explored her life experiences growing up as a preacher's grandchild in a small town.  J. W. Bella's second book, Killing Me Silently, is a fantasy fiction book about a young lady that goes silent when her powers go crazy.  In between writing books, she's a staff writer for, a website dedicated to empowering African American women. 

Writing encompasses J.W. Bella's life, but there are other amazing responsibilities she enjoys. She is the English Department Manager and ESL Coordinator at Ranchview High School in Irving, Texas. To assist other writers with improving their composition abilities, J.W. Bella is the Developmental Editing Manager at Pen2Pad Ink Publishing along with her own editing/writing coach company.  With her husband, she is the co-owner of T & J Media company. Finally, as a way of giving back to future writers, she's the Executive Director of Young DFW Writers Organization

When J.W. Bella has spare time, she enjoys singing loudly in her apartment she shares with her husband, Ebon. She also enjoys doing basketball statistics for fun, investing in her friends, and using her unique organizational skills to help her village be awesome.

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