"She makes you think on a different level. It's out of the box. At first, you are shocked, but you come to like it...and it's definitely worth discussion." -Arketa Williams, author of A Sinner's Circle

"A lyrical narrative...she writes powerful lines about family, love, and spiritual awakening..."-Jason Carney, Champion Slam Poet and Artistic Director of Young DFW Writers

J.W. Bella is a product of Crowley, Louisiana. She’s been writing for over 15 years. She currently teaches at a high school in Irving, TX along with writing poetry and fictional dramas based on her life experiences. When she isn’t educating the future, she is hosting her radio show “Sign My Book” on the Power Play Digital Network: a show dedicated to showcasing authors, poets, and other important people in the writing world. She also is a staff writer for thysistas.com and the Executive Director of the Young DFW Writers organization that works with youth writers to enhance their poetry abilities. Writing has saved her from death and life thanks to a pen, some very powerful words, a lot of tears, many ripped papers, regrets, joys, and love.  She’s forever grateful for her gift and hopes that others will be saved as well.