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The Slip Under My Church Dress

2019. Pen2Pad Ink Publishing. 116 Pages.

A little black girl has much to deal with growing up in a family dominated by religion and keeping up appearances in a small town.  J. W. Bella takes you through the ups and downs of those experiences through the eyes of a piece of clothing that is never seen: a dress slip.  From horrible mother moments to facing silence to recognizing her own strength, Bella reveals her loves, hates, and pain in words congregated into stanzas to reveal and expose her truth.

"Bella’s poetry could very well be an excellent addition to the bookshelf for those who enjoy rambunctious poetry which seems to take on a life of its own every time it is read."

-Berry's Poetry Book Reviews (click here to read more)

"Nothing about this body of work is orthodox…it truly is a reflection of the writer..." -Christian Starr, Editor-In-Chief of and (click here to read more)

 "If you enjoy truth, emotion and an honest look at someone's life through poetry read The Slip Under My Church Dress, you won't be disappointed." -Martin Denesse, co-host of "A Day Late and Dollar Short" Podcast

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