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You know you love to open…stuff.

Bottles, gifts, doors, mail, DMs…you take your pick.

But picking and peeling me is your favorite.

I provide belligerent bullets in your World War against his dumb decisions.

I give you Incredible Hulk strength to crush his Iron Man logic and penetrate his Wolverine steel clutches.

I deliver contractions seconds apart that PUSH and PUSH until…AWWWW…an Argument is born.

7 pounds of shouting and 15 ounces of ignoring crying with his sister and brother Jealousy and Unforgiveness.

But all I do is try to gather what little white blood cells I have left and attempt to cheer them on as they rush over to cover me up so I won’t lose myself.

Hell my red blood cells couldn’t take it anymore and decided that my veins and arteries were a safer place to dwell.

Because you have ripped me off plenty of times:

RIP! Why you home so late?

RIP! Who is this in your DM?

RIP! You think I’m ugly don’t you?

RIP! So I can’t have your phone’s password?

RIP! Why You keep acting like my ex?

RIP! When you gone take care of yo’ kids?

RIP! I know you screwing other women.

RIP! I’m sick of doing everything while you do nothing.

RIP! When you gone get a real job?

And every time you expose me to the oxygen and carbon dioxide of the world…it becomes harder for me to heal.

Then I become infected with Ebo-lies. The airborne disease rushes to find my bloodstream and swims faster than a Mexican across the Rio Grande while being chased by Border Patrol.

Your heart goes from pumping blood to pumping pain

Thumping terrorizing thoughts

Pumping a hatred of love

All because I scarred you for life.

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