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Against The Grain...Really the Brain

R. Kelly said "My mind is telling me no...but my body's tellin' me yeah..." Am I an R. Kelly fan?  Nope. I do, however, understand his contradicting  Normally my Brain and I have a very compatible relationship: It tells me what to do...I do it. Perfect symbiosis. Now, I'm realizing just how lazy and comfortable my Brain can be.  She wants to lie in bed, watch TV, and eat cheerios all day. Meanwhile I have a book to promote, lesson plans to create, a social media platform to operate, a house to manage, a husband to support, and friends to check on.  Uh...say Brain...we can't operate like this anymore.  

This is one of the HARDEST lessons for me to learn because I'm in love with my mind.  She has been the pillar of strength through so many tumultuous life events. I get it...she's worked hard and she wants to rest.  Unfortunately, that is not possible right now. Dearest Brain...I need you to understand that you are the reason I've reached this point of success. It's time for me to work.  It's time for me to grind. It's time for me to do better.  You will join me for this ride whether you like it or not, and I am not above handcuffing you to Emotions and Common Sense to make sure we all get to the promise land. (Plus, you know Common Sense needs all the guidance she can get...poor baby.)  

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