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Crazy Dance Thinking

Life can’t be complete until you attend a small fair with rides that have to be built and broken down within 48 hours. Forget The Superman and Haunted Mansions at Six Flags and Disneyland respectively. You haven’t lived until you ride stationary motorcycles or the Starship 3000. My favorite ride of all time has to be the Crazy Dance. Equipped with the latest music, the Crazy Dance was a ride where you sat and spun at fast speeds that jerked to the opposite direction when you least expect it. No alcoholic beverage could sneak up on you like the Crazy Dance moves you. After spending a week on vacation, that’s how my mind feels right now: crazy. All over the place. Many want so much in so little time. I want so much. Jerks are happening at a fast pace, and I’m not sure how well I can handle them. Yes, I have a great soundtrack playing because of my adoration of music. I just feel all over in trying to accomplish great things. Over the next couple of days, I want to discover how I can enjoy this ride instead of regretting ever getting on it.

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