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I Want

I want what I can’t have. For drama purposes.

You have a spotlight that continuously gets a standing ovation

no matter how much I desire to throw tomatoes at your stage.

I want the love you promised while we sat on the moon in the midnight sky.

Your words are a broken record player that keep scratching a groove

into my vinyl heart.

Black and shiny are my emotions while my thoughts are what needs to be played.

I want your trust and compassion.

They are the truth the lie detector can’t recognize.

The scale may peak like Mount Everest and valley like Death’s plain,

but my desire for you does not change.

Across the desert mirage is you.




You have the ability to quench a thirst that is waiting to be consumed.

I’m sorry.

I know you are Area 51.

I may never find you.

I may never see you. I may never know what secrets you are

trying to keep from the world.

But it’s worth it.

You are worth the exposure.

You are worth the experiment.

You are worth the death.

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