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Mother’s Footsteps

Can I help you by helping myself?

Is it possible that I want everyone…including you?

I crave the spotlight, but you will never know.

But let me have it and I will truly destroy its purpose.

I am alone. I need to be alone. It helps to keep track of the lies.

The lies I’ve told myself.

The lies I’ve told my environment.

The lies I’ve told the world I love but lacks desire for me and my abilities.

Nope, I don’t want to do anything. But I deserve everything you own.

My jealous is encased in a jelly jar wrapped with pounds of bacon and unnecessary turkey necks I shouldn’t be eating.

And when I am alone…I want to be with you so you can explain and boast just how good of a person and friend I am to you.

BUT I dare you to put someone else in front of me in your world. My world will collapse.

Die and leave me here and I will not desire existence as well.

Because…the companionship I love I manipulate and desolate from my presence.

Until I am alone in a corner watching a 19-inch television version of The Price Is Right.

Now that I think about it…I wish I wasn’t this shoe size.

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