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Nights Like This

If I’m blind to all the seeing

And seeing all the problems I see

Then how will I ever love you

And I can’t even believe

That you really want me

For all the reasons

For every season

For you just being Can I say all want to speak

Without lies with truth’s coat

And you never ever run way

Not even shout or boast

About what we have

Cause no one knows it

Cause no one gets it

Cause its no one’s business

I walk with you in my dreams

Fly with you in my thoughts

Beside you when I sleep

Inhale you when we talk

On nights like this…

But if I do all these things for you

What will you do for me?

You know my past skeletons

And their minds of their own

How they creep out any time

Ready to make be alone

So how will you care for me

Despite all the history hoes

Despite my different area codes

Despite my…well you know…

Baby I can tell you why

Light shines while you walk

I make the light follow you

To keep me out the dark

So I can live and breathe

For your loving touch

For your true caring

For everything so much…

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