What ‘chu doing to my heart is unfamiliar…

It’s weird that the people you usually love are not the ones you can readily mention when asked. At least, that’s how I work. When people have asked me who my favorite rappers are, I’ve listed off mostly females: MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Yo-Yo, etc. In truth, I like their music, but I don’t listen to it a lot. But Common. Common has been my internal favorite, and I never realized it until recently. I was looking through my Amazon music list and I noticed I have almost every Common album in my collection...more than any other (except J Dilla... but that’s another post and another day). I even catch myself using Common more often in lesson plans. My writing style is something like his: a bevy of imagery stories connected by metaphors and similes. While there are other artists that are exceptional at doing this, I love his way of articulating it with words and phrases. To some, it’s unfamiliar. To me, it’s awesome!

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