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Who Is JW Bella?

I AM who I AM

I am a person’s best nightmare. I speak loudly, but eloquently. You do not want me around, but you need me. I am a queen of many trades with minors in certain abilities. I am the friend whose arms you can die in. I am the love that may speak conditionally but is unconditional in giving. My passion in love is just as adamant as my passion in anger. I refuse to cut one short for the other to live. I am what I say I am. I have spoken.

- J. W. Bella

J. W. Bella is a product of Louisiana swamps and exceptional food who transplanted into Texas’ opportunities and love for everything bigger. She’s been a writer for over 15 years since her first introduction to poetry in her seventh grade gifted class. Her first poem, “A Sidewalk”, was published at the age of 13. Poetry has saved her from death and life thanks to a pen, some very powerful words, a lot of tears, many ripped papers, regrets, joys, and loves. She’s forever grateful for her gift and hopes that others will be saved as well. When she isn’t writing poetry, you can catch her listening to the poetry of her high school students she teaches, singing, or sleeping (probably sleeping to be honest).

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